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a red lip sitting on top of a white floor next to an orange square frame
nunca se rinde
the words in black and white are written on a white background, with an image of a
Citas y frases
Belleza sin inteligencia (pineado por @PabloCoraje) #Citas #Frases #Quotes
a woman wearing a large hat and holding a coffee cup in her hand with the caption, la elegancea y el estilo no tenen nada que ver con el dinero
Frase Carolina Herrera
a woman's face with the words, las mueress felicess son las mas bonitas
Las mujeres felices son las más bonitas #belleza #audreyhepburn
the words mereces loque suenas written in white on a purple background
Gustavo Cerati - Beautiful "You deserve what you dream"
a black and white photo with the words sel amor aprreta, no est tulla
No es tu talla...* #palabras #amor #frases
the words just be you are in a circle with flowers around it on a pink background
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Great for a girls' room. This artist has some other great prints in her shop.
a person holding their hands in the air with glitter all over them and texting that reads, hay que invectarse cada dia de fantass de fantassia para no
"Hay que inyectarse cada día de fantasía, para no morir de realidad" Ray Bradbury
the words la vida no se dettiene por naddle are in front of palm trees
La vida siempre va en Formula 1, no para ni en boxes para repostar, más bien nos deja y pasa de largo , no espera por nadie.
someone is holding up a notebook with spanish words on the front and back pages in black
Sonrisa - Cosas bonitas en @BijouPrivee
a person jumping up in the air with their arms spread out and feet apart, while the sun is setting behind them
El mejor consejo que has recibido…"No lo pienses tanto, el que no arriesga no gana"
the words are written in spanish and english, with an image of clouds above them
a pink flower with the words, no one is too old for fairytales