Publicidad de crema para la noche - Nivea night - #advertising #creative

clever Nivea Night Cream ad what a simple idea. just using one element to create the design. this a true master piece.


Viktor Kolodiazhnyi is rocking it with this oh-so-simple concept for Marshall Headphones and oh-so-effective series of print ads. Taking a rock and a metal ball, he adds earphones and transforms them into ‘hard rock’ and ‘hard metal.

This poster, focuses more on the affects of alcohol on the brain, and how it can cause serious affects on the roads. The joystick shows the maze of gear changes and how much alcohol affects the brain. The brain is also the shape of the gearbox.

37 campañas de conducción responsable

Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky - Drive responsibly - 12 Most Powerful Anti Drunk-Driving Ad Campaigns

phone packaging

Reciclados e ideas paso a paso en imagenes.

La #creatividad al poder!

This reminds people of food, in particular bananas and at the same time reminds people of Adidas shoes of yellow color. Meaning the shoes are as tasty as bananas.