Ideas de material reciclado para el aula

Ideas para utilizar material reciclado en el aula en forma de juegos creativos, manipulativos, matemáticos... uso de material NO convencional
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a kitchen with pictures hanging from the ceiling and paintings on the wall above it's stove
Como todos sabemos una galería de arte es un lugar donde se expone y exhibe el arte, además de promocionarlo. A través del arte el artista p...
some pink and red flowers with green leaves on the bottom one is called rolled roses
Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Coiled Roses – The Pinterested Parent
Pipe cleaner or yarn coiled roses. A great fine motor skill arts and craft idea for kids. Perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or to welcome spring flowers.
two pictures with the words stained glass art on them and an image of colorful paint
Stained Glass Art for Kids
Stained Glass Art - A super simple project that uses glue and food coloring to produce breathtaking results!
an orange and green art project with text reading rainbow yarn prints process art for toddlers
Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints – Fun Littles
Printmaking Rainbow Yarn Art
two pictures with different colors and numbers on them, one has a bulletin board that says bingo de las tabias
El bingo de las tablas
Rincón de una maestra: El bingo de las tablas
a child sitting at a table with an open box on it's lap, and another toy in the background
Día y noche
there are four pictures of different things made out of plastic bottles and toothbrushes
a group of paper dolls sitting next to each other
Antes puse una por fuera...y ahora una por dentro
six white and purple bowling balls sitting next to each other on top of a black surface
Examos una de bolos?
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of materials
Mates a saco
several wine corks are tied together on a checkered tablecloth with a wooden stick
three paper plates with letters and numbers on them next to a plastic tray filled with legos