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an empty room with shelves and vases on the wall next to a bench in front of it
Fugabella Color | Interior
Graphic minimalism strikes balance with contemporary refined lines. What catches the eye are the subtle elements in Fugabella Color 14 that express a strong visual impact and a sophisticated contrast.
a large white building with two paintings on the wall and stairs leading up to it
Naranjo-Etxeberria (@naranjoetxeberria) • Instagram photos and videos
the bottle shoppe sign is mounted on the wall in front of a black tiled wall
2020 Commercial Tile Trends
We're forecasting more jewel toned projects in 2020. Check out our blog for more tile trends of the new decade.
an empty room with some lights hanging from the ceiling
Ace & Tate Eindhoven
Ace & Tate Eindhoven - OS ∆ OOS
a room with several stools and tables in it, all lined up against the wall
Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley by Studio Esteta.
Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley by Studio Esteta | Yellowtrace
an empty store front with white windows and black shutters on the side of it
GALERIE CINEMA 2013 — Fleur Delesalle
GALERIE CINEMA 2013 — Fleur Delesalle