Salt Water Wishes

Hotel Central & Café in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world's smallest hotel. It has 1 room, a toilet and 5 places for customers at the Café!

Poketo | Los Angeles

Color Pop at Poketo in LA

This is a good point about the window display: use the back space for INSIDE the store. Poketo has become a mainstay of the neighborhood and the local go-to gift store in their large, raw, colorful space.

St Remy - Provence

" in Saint Rémy de Provence - "The Daughters of the Pastry Chef" is a bakery/ pastries store owned by 2 sisters in Provence.

decoracion hally's bar londres 1

Like Color dipped furniture like Lostine cutting boards. Hally's Parsons Green, communal tables with pastel colored dip dyed bentwood chairs

Bistro francés / French bistro

My Fall Kitchen Decor and a Free Fall Chalkboard Printable! kitchen 33 Wonderful Kitchens Interiors Designed In Barns Kitchen Design Ideas F.


London-based Paul Crofts Studio has designed a space for La Petite Bretagne, a new crêpe restaurant in Hammersmith, West London. The design for the restaurant

mundanalruido - Santander - Very Cool

mundanalruido - Santander - Very Cool

Fook Yew, restaurante Jakarta

Fook Yew, Jakarta – Everything here has been done at the visual equivalent of 100 decibels – pretty much every shade in a Dulux sample book crops up somewhere or other – but the mainstays are the big boys: red, blue, green and yellow.