Constellation Geoboards| BABBLE DABBLE DO Easy to make and fun for kids!

Invent a Constellation!

Fun Ways to Learn About the Moon and Stars (from Fantastic Fun & Learning)

Moon and Stars Activities for Kids

Explain that stars can be different some are smaller, some are larger, and some appear brighter than others all except the sun are so far away that they look like points of light. Fun Ways to Learn About the Moon and Stars (from Fantastic Fun & Learning)

This printable summer constellation map will help you find constellations in the Northern Hemisphere

Look up into the summer night sky and be able to determine what stars you are looking at with this Free Printable Summer Constellation Map. Stargazing is one of the coolest summer activities for kids (and adults too).

Constellation Craft & More

Constellation Craft & More

Constellation Craft & More// Have Stars connecting all the "stars" who provided great service for the month- creating their own constellation.

Glow In The Dark Star Paintings ( the stars really glow)  - you could make names, constellations, initials....

Glow In The Dark Stars Craft

Glow-in-the-dark: Simple kids can do it. Glow In The Dark Stars Craft - you could make names, constellations, initials.


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These are great constellation cards with information on the back.  Cool site, too - lots of astronomy and earth science activities for kids.  Love finding other STEM sites!

Free printable constellation cards for learning about stargazing with kids - ASTRONOMY Belt Loop

Get the kids outside and learn about star constellations using sidewalk chalk and rocks.

Constellation Art with downloadable cards.

Constellation art with rocks and sidewalk chalk. paint the rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint! Summer night star party anyone? Make constellation flash cards, one student draws card and makes constellation, others guess constellation.

Learn about the Solar System at School Time Snippets. With some cardboard tubes, pin-pricked foil, and constellation cards, kids can view and match up night-sky formations!

DIY Constellation Viewer - paper towel roll and tin foil or black construction paper - Solar System


6 Ways to Explore the Nighttime Sky With Your Kids

Encourage your kids to look to the stars by making pocket star guides. Then go out stargazing to explore the night sky!