Lucas Alonso Cuello

Lucas Alonso Cuello

Lucas Alonso Cuello
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Sans and W. D. Gaster | Artist Mega1126 << I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THESE GASTER FEELS

"I can't draw Papyrus XD This is how I see this scene. So I'm playing secound run, and i started it as no mercy run, but I spared Papyrus. Then Sans thanked me for it."-previous pinner << I AM DECEASED!

después de todo apuesto que sera un verano aburrido

On the way to gravity falls <<< After watching Gravity Falls I wanted a twinbrother who was just like Dipper. One of my friends has a twinbrother, so when I told her I wanted one she said: 'No, you don't.

fandoms aesthetic gravity falls - Поиск в Google

“If you’ve ever taken a roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls.