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the united mintage logo on a black and gold background, with an eagle in the center
16 Awe-Inspiring Selected Logo Design Samples for Inspiration
a woman's face in a gold frame on a black background
Mohamed Karam ✪
the logo for lucia neapoletan pizza, which is designed in gold and white
Lucia needs a special logo | Logo & brand guide contest
a gold and black logo for a professional tattoo studio, with an ornate design on the front
the logo for bucktrout tailoring, which has been designed to look like an old
two logos for the theory coffee roasters and redding california, with green background
Perk up! Creative coffee branding & packaging to inspire you
the letter q with a crown on top is shown in pink and gold colors, against a black background
Freepik | Create great designs, faster
the other side logo design set
The Kitchen Sink Design Archives — Jay Fletcher
a yellow and black seal with the words salvation comes from the lord on it's side
Jonah2.9_iPhone5.jpg by Evan Huwa