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two christmas ornaments are hanging on a wooden surface with pine branches and berries in the background
Basset Hound Dog Ornament, 2023 Beagle Ornament, Basset Ornament, Beagle Christmas Ornament, Handmade ceramic Dog Ornament, New Puppy Gift
a mobile with three butterflies hanging from it's sides and leaves on the side
Luna Moth Mobile - Gold + White in 2020 | White nursery decor, Butterfly mobile, Paper butterflies
an orange sitting in a white bowl on top of a table
Clementine Spoon Rest
This speckled Clementine handmade pottered spoon rest is perfect for resting your spatula or spoon while hard at work in the kitchen. It's a wonderful addition to a carefully considered home and perfect for the chef or baker. The glossy white glaze fits in with any décor and it's roomy size makes it a handy landing spot for messy utensils. Why you'll love it: One-of-a-kind spot for cooking utensils. Traditional design with everyday functionality. Handmade and glazed by Love Co Ceramics, Kelowna,
Christmas ceramic handmade idea Fimo, Christmas Ceramics Ideas Pottery, Christmas Ornaments Pottery, Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments, Pottery Toys, Polymer Clay Magnet, Ceramic Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ceramic idea
Christmas ceramic handmade idea with Korean-style drawing. #cute #korean #koreandrawing #christmas #noel #decoration #ceramic #pottery #handmade #gift #yearend #clay
a white bowl with cats painted on the side and brown trim around the edge, sitting on a wooden stand
Japanese Sauce Bowl and Spoon Kanagawa - G
Japanese Sauce Bowl and Spoon Material: Ceramic (Porcelain) Feature: Our ramen bowls are made of high-quality ceramic, which is durable and can be used for a long time. The large size of this ramen bowl is perfect for serving soups, noodles, cereals, desserts and more. Sizes: Bowls: 17x8 cm (6,7"x3,1") Spoon: 23 cm (9,1") Capacity: 600 ml (36,6") Quantity: 1 Japanese Sauce Bowl and Spoon.
a person holding five cat brooches in their hand with one laying on the other
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Cat Handmade Ceramic Brooch - Etsy UK
a person holding five different colored cats in their palm, with flowers in the background
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45x30 мм Weight: 7 g This cute baby cats is looking for a friends! Handmade ceramic brooch Cat Created from clay and fired twice at 900ºC, 1050ºC (with glazes, handpainted). This brooch is very lightweight. Perfect for wearing with dress, t-shirt, shirt, sweater and coat. On the back is a safety
a bunch of different types of brooches on a black surface with the words french pave written below them
【CAWAII 楽天サイト移転について】
cawaii 他にはないカワイイが見つかるお店