Tienda de labores en Santiago de Compostela. Patchwork, lanas, bordados, arraiolos y macramé.
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a room with several shelves filled with stuffed animals
a room filled with lots of different types of fabrics on shelves next to each other
Telas patchwork
there is a computer on the counter in this room with lots of crafting supplies
the inside of a craft shop with lots of items on the table and in front of it
several rolls of yarn are stacked in a storage bin on the floor next to some shelves
Fat quarters
the shelves are filled with different types of yarn
several skeins of yarn sit on shelves in front of a wall full of balls of yarn
there are many spools of yarn on the shelves
many skeins of yarn are arranged on shelves
a store filled with lots of different types of items
a store front with glass doors and signs on the windows that say laborress con agua
Fachada tienda
Rúa de San Pedro de Mezonzo, 32 Santiago de Compostela