Amy Friend

Amy Friend’s series “Daré alla Lucé" looks quite magical and I love the idea behind it. She explains: "Through small deliberate interventions, I altered these vintage images, allowing light to pass.

Luigi Ghirri, Parigi, 1972

Luigi Ghirri - Parigi, from the series Diaframma luce naturale, C-Print, x cm, copyright: Eredi di Luigi Ghirri

Estelle Roux. Of course the photo is by Bertil Nilson.

Of course the photo is by Bertil Nilson.

amy friend

Canadian artist Amy Friend ‘re-makes’ old vintage photographs this image is apart of her Dare alla Luce series, meaning To Bring the Light.

Photography Spotlight :: Bertil Nilsson | Homotography

Bertil Nilsson: Dancers - Kontraplan - daily source of variety

09_LuigiGhirri_Argine Agosta Comacchio_1989

Nothing found for En 2012 12 14 Luigi Ghirri Pensare Per Immagini

Jackson Patterson

“Recollected Memories” is a photo project by Arizona-based Jackson Patterso. His work reflects various photographs that he has merged with o.

Spanish photographer, Chema Madoz has created a new project with black and white art illusions. The photographer created these images by blending two

Chema Madoz

Maybe surrealism runs in the blood of the Spanish? Reminding us of Salvador Dali's work, these optical illusions by Chema Madoz on black and white film were