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Идея маникюра для тех, кто всегда стремится быть на гребне моды: в нём сошлись воедино самый модный цвет и дизайн. Цветом 2015 года специалисты института P

18 Chic Nail Designs for Short Nails: Chic Maroon And White Nail Design

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Concept - light grey with white tips & accent nails

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Intricate nail design (minus the jewel)

Маникюр | Ногти | ВКонтакте

I do not like the new syle of nails that are pointy they repulse me,I'll stick with the squared style.

Shimmery Coral Stiletto Nails

Shimmery Coral Stiletto Nails - love the colour even if stiletto style nails are not for me.

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diamonds are a girls best friend.

These powerful wedding hairstyles are seriously stunning with luscious braids and shimmering hairpieces! With unique bridal headpieces from Enzebridal and voluminous, elegant styles from Elstile, this bridal inspiration is full of life. Get inspired and adore these radiant looks for some of the most brilliant wedding hairstyles yet! Featured Hairstyle: Elstile Featured Hairstyle: Elstile Featured Hairstyle: Elstile Featured Hairstyle: Elstile […]

wedding hairstyles stunning with braids voluminous, elegant style from Elstile Featured Hairstyle: Elstile

Shoes .

I LOVE these heels even though I would never wear them! They are perfect because blue is my favorite color and it's even better because they have glitter on them!

uñas decoradas color rosa y blanco

Pink and white decorated nails

Martina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

The backless and the lace Martina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding Dress