DIY Portable Phone Charger

Make Your Own Portable Phone Charger From A Mint Tin

It doesn't get cooler than glitter painting.

It doesn't get cooler than glitter painting.

amazing sunset

Lion King told us about the circle of life. Well, this is the circle of light!

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Random Inspiration 121

Random Inspiration 121 - This picture has a shallow depth of field and a very central line (the fence) that leads your eye into the distance, which is all blurry, whereas in front the grass is very clear.

Tiernos e irónicos a la vez

16 Cómics tiernos que conmoverán incluso a los escépticos más duros


10 cosas que sólo los introvertidos entienden

You honestly should have waited before telling me to leave you alone. You barely gave it a shot and the instant you thought things were gonna go bad you just up and fucking walk away. What you don't understand is I'm so fucking ready to actually be with y

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