Las celebrities más amorosas

Nuestras celebrities también son humanas y no dudan en dedicarle un amor incondicional a sus mejores amigos.
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a man sitting on top of a chair next to a dog
Leonardo DiCaprio, and a french bulldog. Two of my favorite things in one picture. Swoon!
a man with his eyes closed is holding a dog
Will Smith and his Dog
"Now this is a story..." Will Smith - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an American television sitcom that originally aired on NBC from September 10, 1990, to May 20, 1996.
a man holding a small pug puppy in his arms
Gerard Butler and Lolita #celebrities #pets #Dogs
a woman is petting a small animal
Audrey Hepburn Had A Pet Deer Named Pippin
Audrey Hepburn Had A Pet Deer Named Pippin
a man holding a cat in his arms and looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
38 Musicians Cradling Cats
The Thin White Duke | Community Post: 38 Musicians Cradling Cats
a man sitting in a chair holding a small dog on his lap and pointing at the camera
Wildlife Advocate Leonardo DiCaprio Is Primed For Golden Globe Treat!
Leonardo DiCaprio
a man with glasses and a cat in the background
Ed Sheeran Is The Cat Lover You Should Aspire To Be
Graham is the cutest kitty in the world. | Ed Sheeran Is The Cat Lover You Should Aspire To Be
two men standing next to a car with a dog
Alternative Draft Week - Back To The Future 2 (1967 Draft)
Back to the Future! I've seen all of these movies SO many times and I think they only get better each time!
a woman sitting next to two pug dogs
13 Celebrities With Pugs
Jessica Alba | Community Post: 13 Celebrities With Pugs
a woman walking her dog on the beach with text that reads, family - pup
50 Unexplainable Photos Of Dogs
for the record the dog loves it
a man and his white dog are kissing each other's foreheads in the living room
Andrés Velencoso con su amigo Herry.
a man holding a dog wearing a pink bow tie
Dani Rovira - Escaparatedemascotas
Dani Rovira
a woman holding a large orange cat in her arms
Belle de Jour
Sandra Bullock and friend :) haven't seen her to a bit but love her movies!!
a woman sitting on the ground with two dogs in front of her and smiling at the camera
13 Celebs And Their Adorable Adopted Pups
Hilary Swank loves animals so much that she works at animal adoption centers. And her adopted pals definitely get to enjoy the perks of having a famous mommy, as they travel with her everywhere and sometimes get cameos in her films. #celebrities #dogs
a woman holding three small dogs in her arms
24 Celebs Who Literally Came To The Rescue For Their Pups
24 Celebs Who Literally Came To The Rescue For Their Pups