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a woman pointing at a dog's nose with her finger in the shape of a sign
Dog fever Milano l @RominFavre represented by @cestlavieagency
a person kissing a cat's face with their eyes closed in black and white
Usuario: charles lee ray
Nothing better than ending a bad day with the kisses and purrs of your kitty :) Nada mejor que terminar un mal día con los besos y ronroneos de su gatito :)
a woman in sunglasses kissing a dog on the nose with her head close to her face
Es la Moda
Girl's best friend.
a woman holding a dog in her arms with one eye open and the other half closed
Elioman - gorgeous !
a woman holding a small lizard in her arms while she covers her face with bananas
La increíble historia de la niña que pasó diez años de su vida en la selva africana
a goat with the words a good scapecoat is just as welcome
If I were a goat I'd want to be this one! :)
a man laying on top of a couch next to a brown and white cat in his lap
"Tu nueva media naranja"
a woman and her dog are smiling for the camera
an image of some sort of art work
Noelito Flow
Funny animal pics. Please repin & like :) Follow on twitter http://www.twitter.com/noelitoflow #noelitoflow
a dog is sitting on its back and hugging another dog
Las 15 fotos de animales más tiernas del mundo
Las 15 fotos de animales más tiernas del mundo ~ #Like! ~ Infobae.com
a person laying in bed with a cat on top of their head and the other hand under his arm
This little girl who fell off his pillow but stayed committed to nap time.
.This little girl who fell off her pillow but stayed committed to nap time. | 27 Cats Who Really Nailed Being A Cat.
a baby and a large brown dog face each other as they laugh for the camera
Un gracioso perro que entretiene exitosamente a un bebé
Un gracioso perro que entretiene exitosamente a un bebé | 30 fotos de animales que te harán ser una mejor persona
a woman is petting a horse on the nose
PHOTOS: 19 Animal-Human Hugs That WIll Melt Your Heart
Ana no va a la corrida de toros porque Ella piensa es mal para el toro y hace Ella Trieste.
two owls are sitting in the nest of a tree trunk with snow on its top
Hokkaidó szigetének különleges állatai