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an old car is parked on the street
two hands making a heart shape with the word up written on it in front of them
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a lone person standing in the ocean on a foggy day
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•☽ Ró ☾• #dark #blue #moody #ocean #aesthetic #whale #seashore #calmness
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Primeiro encontro Capítulo 2
a dark tunnel with stairs leading up to the light at the end is lit by a street lamp
Barries Close in underground Old Edinburgh #scotland #Highlands #haunted #ghosts #spookytours
an empty street at night with no one on it
light of alley
Morality meets its end in the shadow-soaked crevice astride dusk and dawn.
an empty street at night in the rain
pirates alley #hotelmonteleone #TakeMetoNOLA
a black and white photo of an old city street with puddles in the middle
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5.) My location of my dream job, is in a dark city where justice hasn't even touched even the edge of the city. I would travel at night throughout the city to look for situations in which would needs me to protect the innocent and take down the unjustice. This picture signifies the town in which unjustice feeds off, where cops don't bother on, but where I would interefere in