Ed, Edd, and Eddy all grown up. Loved this cartoon.

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Especially for boys in our society because they are taught to not express their emotions...the whole concept of manliness is basically the issue in our society. Women are only seen as 'weak' and 'emotional' in contrast to men's ideals of hyper/toxic masculinity. If we all agree fed that it was a sign of strength to cry, we would all be better off together.

I'm all for other people crying cause it's vv important to show emotions (and I always want my lil brothers to know that) but I hate crying so I mean really I'm a hypocrite but

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I LOVE THESE 'DRAW YOUR SQUAD' THINGS! So Imma put a squad in there. Driver is gonna be Crimson, the one in shotgun is gonna be Ticci Toby, Havoc is sittin in the back and Offenderman is going to be taped onto the roof