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Nombre de las partes del cuerpo y ponerlos donde pertenecen. #partesdelcuerpo #aprendizaje

Body Parts--add hands for touch and make a 5 Senses activitiy

Los questiones en espanol. Esta muy bien para mi clase de español.

A list of Spanish question words and interrogative words with English translation and examples. Find out how to ask questions in Spanish with interrogatives

Learn the names of body parts! Save it on your phone and practice when you have time!  See more @ WWW.THEENGLISHSTUDENT.COM

ESL body parts, names of body parts, ESL vocabulary, ESL teaching resources…

Fotos de la biografía - La Mansión del Inglés

speaking with fluency

Tarjetas de verbos en inglés 2

Forum Learn English Common Verbs in English Fluent Land

Área: Lectura Reconocimiento Global Objetivo: El niño realizará lectura global Estrategia: Flashcards Actividad: El terapeuta le mostrará una serie de flashcards con palabras, las cuales el niño deberá leer lo más rápido posible Material: Flashcards Tiempo: 20 min

English verbs in pictures 1

Conectores y marcadores textuales-material didáctico

Did you know that we come across hundreds of linking words everyday? If you watch an English-language movie, you will find a lot of linking words being used every few minutes. These help us to link.

Learn English is fun!

"Body Boy" is a fun postcard. Teaches little kids the body parts! "Body Boy" by Lyuda Lavrentyeva.

preposciones de lugar inglés español, ¿dónde está el ratón?

English grammar and vocabulary - prepositions of place - We offer free classes on the Eastern Shore of MD to help you earn your GED - H. Contact Danielle Thomas dthomas for more information, or attend any registration session.

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23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Plant Kingdom

23 Things You Probably Didn& Know About The Plant Kingdom

English vocabulary - emotions and feelings                              …

English vocabulary - emotions and feelings …

la salle de bains vocabulaire - Buscar con Google

Fruit - English Vocabulary List and Fruit vs Fruits Grammar

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10 Las articulaciones Más

Pronouns  (C2, Wk 2) Really helpful for teaching another language, too!

Nominative pronouns These would be great in Spanish too!

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English is fun - Ingles: Adjectives