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dude to be honest my boyfriend does this to me all the time cause I wear lazy clothes and like never wear make up only when I dress cute which is like almost never and my hairs always in buns I love him!

I'm dead. You would have to stand on a table to hug him....

Thsi won't work I'm too short. I'm like Thank god o can still grow because i wouldn't qualify as a little person.

This was made for me and I love it so Much ❤❤

Cute but I struggled to read this. I can't write or read cursive for s***

Omg they aren't fat or ugly and never where! They where always and are adorable

This hits me hard.every single time i read it. I'm crying. Guys this isn't cool. Bullying hurts everybody.

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sometimes luke gets real deep

you don't know what i would give to be the one to comfort him, or Calum, Ashton or Michael when they're sad or down or insecure, to be the one they come to

Imagine luke text you while he's one tour I'm not crying, you are