cute for Shari's Letter Pop song - each kiddo gets a letter pop to hold up when they hear their letter

Letter Pops: Use a set of magnetic letters and jumbo craft sticks. Glue a magnetic letter to each craft stick. Pass these out to the children to hold up as you sing alphabet songs, such as “Alphardy,” “Who Let the Letters Out?” “Letter Pops”, etc.

letter puzzles

Letter Puzzles: Storytime Katie - one librarian's journey into storytimeland.

CVC Cut Apart Puzzle - 20 puzzles!!!

CVC Cut Apart Puzzles

CVC word puzzles

Use these puzzles for students to make cvc words. Once they have made the puzzles they can write them onto their whiteboard.A good idea is to put 6 puzzles in a ziploc bag with the same number written

Material Didáctico-Toña.

Material Didáctico-Toña.