10 Cortometrajes para trabajar la Educación Emocional en el Aula - Inevery Crea

= mins The lesson is cooperation leads to success--it also makes clear that lack of cooperation leads to failure.

For The Birds: Great Video for Cause and Effect Lesson

For The Birds thinking map lesson. Day 1 watch video, what kind of map could you use, make map with partner. Day 2 what other kind of map could you use, make with partner. We can look at one text through different lenses

AYUDA PARA MAESTROS: Vídeo para concienciar sobre el acoso escolar

Android Commercial 2016 Rock, Paper, Scissors Song by John Parr. During school, a cute little sheet of notebook paper gets bullied when Scissors comes to the.

HERMOSO VIDEO - Cuestión de actitud - YouTube

A film by Michelle Kwon and Michael Bidinger. All works copyright Michelle Kwon and Michael Bidinger

Un conmovedor corto animado sobre los sueños y el destino - Notas - La Bioguía

CGI Animated Short Film HD: "The Wishgranter Short Film" by Wishgranter Team