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karla piñeiro
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Lamps made out of photo negatives

Lamps that illuminate your photo negatives! Do you have tons of negative film laying around from those days before you made the switch to a digital camera? Here& a cool project to put those negatives to good use.

DIY Nice Plastic Cup Lamp

DIY Nice Plastic Cup Lamp light lights diy cup craft crafts easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself lamp easy diy easy crafts diy images easy diy craft ideas easy crafts diy tutorial diy tutorials fun diy Just like Mom and Dads!

A Free idea for Dental Health - Marshmallow Teeth

Learn about teeth and then make your own set using cardstock, mini marshmallows and glue. Give each child the pattern, have them cut it out on the black lines and fold on the dotted lines. Next, have them count out 12 marshmallows for the top and 12 for

"Oh!  Strong teeth" *PRINCESS ANNA & A TROLL ~ Frozen, 2013 #dentalhumor  Pediatric Dental Health Associates | #Chicago | #IL | http://www.chicagokidsdds.com/

You’re very familiar with the feeling of your cheeks hurting from accidentally smiling too much. Problems of resting nice face