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Robe de bal « péplum » à traîne en mousseline de coton avec 9 volants, franges et pompons en soie, guirlande florale sur le décolleté

Evening dress/ball gown, Peplum style with chiffon train, nine fringes with tassels, silk floral wreath on neckline.

Robe bleue, 1850

1850 Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Dress: Bodice, Skirt and Underbodice silk brocade, cotton/linen lace

Desigual Long Bay - Robe - Boule - Imprimé - Sans manche - Femme

Crinoline Evening Dress, ca. Evening dresses during the Crinoline period typically had much lower necklines and shorter sleeves than dresses worn in the day. Skirts were very voluminous. The fringe on the sleeves of this gown was very popular at the time

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier A la 5ème place de notre classement on trouve l’élégante robe de soie ivoire avec un décolleté en cœur, portée par la belle Jac

The wedding gown on the right was worn by Jacqueline Bouvier on September the day she married John F Kennedy. It is a part of African-American History. This dress was designed by African-American fashion designer Ann Lowe.

Exemples de robe du Second Empire (en cours de construction) ...

1860 Culture: probably American Medium: silk, cotton Dimensions: Length (a): 24 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 13 in. cm) Length (c): 46 in.

Crinolines et Cie : Robes crinolines

Coronation gown from House of Worth - Queen of Hungary in She wore a silver brocade gown trimmed with lace and midnight blue velvet bodice with pearl lacing, its design based on the traditional Hungarian costume.

les tenues et objets ayant appartenu a Sissi

Outfits and items that belonged to Sissi, aka Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Elisabeth married Emperor Franz Josef of Austria and lived miserably ever after with him.