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'Sup by Cavea.deviantart.com on @deviantART ... 'SUP? *long, dangly mustache* :{ )

I got Skyward Sword back in December but didn't get around to playing it till now. Anyway, I expected the Kikwi Elder to be a very small.

prince of percia

EREBUS (also spelled Erebos) ; God of Darkness. Erebus is a Primoridal Greek God. He is engendered by Chaos and Nyx. In pre-Homeric mythology, he formed an incestuous liaison with his mother to create the first elements of the cosmos, Aether (light) and H

The Flash Collage Art ($250.00) • If I had the cash to spare, this would be on my nephew's wall already (who is ~4 months old). He's already cool.

The Flash is the fastest man alive. The protector of Central City and Keystone City, fighting against evil using his super-speed and a dedicated sense of heroism. His legacy, the Flash Family, spans throughout history tapping into the enigmatic Speed Forc