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What a beauty!

Snowshoe Cat - The scientific name for cat "Felis Catus". The fear of cats "Ailurophobia". The "Snowshoe Cat" are named for their beautiful white paws which came about as a distinct breed between the Ame

GLITTER is an adoptable Snowshoe Cat in Las Vegas, NV.  ...

Mason is an adoptable Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler searching for a forever family near Ledgewood, NJ. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.

Lilah Mae

My baby girl, Lilah Mae!

Razas de gatos, Snowshoe

Snowshoe Cat : The Snowshoe is an elegant, foreign type domestic cat breed. It is related to the Siamese breed and this is evident in its coat markings and.

This is BluTail, who likes swimming and hunting. He goes too deep into the woods sometimes but always comes back healthy and unhurt.No crush, no mate, 1 kit that he takes care of cats