More ideas from Júlia
Huevo de Pascua de Piglet

As a tribute to Pooh Bear’s egg-cellent young friend Piglet, here’s a sweet Easter Day decoration made in his likeness. It’s crafted from a wooden egg so that you can pack it away after Easter and display it again next year.

Huevo de Pascua del Gato de Cheshire

As Alice in Wonderland fans can well attest, one never knows when or where the Cheshire Cat will turn up next. Here’s a whimsical Easter decoration that is a case in point—a dyed egg embellished with the mischievous character’s toothy grin.

Farolillo nocturno de Rapunzel

For Rapunzel, lanterns are a symbol of hope. The whole kingdom launched the floating lights in the hope that she was alive and would see them. Now kids can make their own lanterns with our paper and LED lights.