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Magneto by Paolo Rivera. Absolutely one of the greatest Magneto pieces of all time.

Once the deadliest, most feared mutant mastermind on the planet, MAGNETO is no longer the man he once was. After falling in with Cyclops and the X-Men, Erik Lehnsherr became just one more pawn in another man's war. But now, determined to fight the war .


Love the idea From another pinner: Minimalistic Super Heroes. Well I've been trying to figure out on how to go about my geek quilt. And now I am inspired. It will be cross stitch n patchwork. (It will of course have many other things)

Mister Miracle #2 (Cover art by Mitch Gerads)

Mister Miracle from DC Comics by Tom King and Mitch Gerads continues the team's powerful new story in a more straightforward manner.