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a large green plant with water droplets on it's leaves in a potted planter
Monstera Deliciosa 💚
the sun and moon are depicted in this mosaic
Sun Mosaic Art Design | Celestial | Mozaico
Squeeze in a few more summer days with this striped summer-themed mosaic. Fully handcrafted using natural stones this contemporary mosaic makes an ideal wall ornament! Available in 4 stock sizes - or have it tailored to your specifications.
a full moon is seen over the ocean waves
Surf Life
a poem written in black and white with the caption saying saundade is a portuguese and gaudian word for a feeling of nostalizing longing for something on someone that one who has lost
saudade (d)
saudade (d) | | Ain X | Flickr
two women standing back to back in high rise jeans
a person floating in the water with their head above the water's surface as the sun sets
several people are swimming in the water with their hands up and one person is reaching for something
@heathervolley ☀️
a person in the ocean with their arms up
@heathervolley ☀️
a painting of a woman riding a surfboard in the ocean with water splashing on her face
Surfer Girl At Heart on Twitter
two people are swimming in the ocean with their surfboards under water's surface
A Few things I love...
three women riding surfboards on top of waves in the ocean with one holding onto her leg
s e n s i t i v e 不同
s e n s i t i v e 不同
Alana Blanchard, Beach Bum, Family Goals, Che Guevara, Surfer Kids, Surfer
This Infinite Paradox
people sitting around a fire pit on the beach
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