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Creamy and delicious Matcha Chai Latte is the perfect drink for the cooler weather. #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree and #vegan

Green Tea Chai Spiced Latte: matcha and cinnamon, nutmeg. No refined sugar, dairy free, vegan, clean eating

envoltura washi

Loving this DIY Washi Tape Gift Wrapping Technique!

Matcha Mint Iced Tea: 2 cups water, 2 tsp Matcha, 2 cups crushed ice, 1 lime sliced, handfuls of mint, honey/cane sugar/minty simple syrup

Looking for refreshing and delicious homemade iced tea recipes? We have the best-tasting iced teas just in time for summer. From Thai iced tea to sweet tea

The Garden Grazer: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha

How to prepare Matcha Japanese Green Tea + 10 Health Benefits

Starbucks Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

Here is a guide on how to make this copycat Starbucks iced matcha latte recipe. Click photo to watch the video.

Sometimes when I use matcha….actually, make that ALL the time, I ask myself: “Am I being basic?” The answer might be yes. I’m not completely sure. But still, my insecure self returns to it time and time again because it’s DELICIOUS! And in the afternoon when I need a bit of a pick-me-up and know...

Matcha Iced Latte – A Cozy Kitchen / matcha powder, milk/mylk

Matcha Ginger Affogato

Warm, emerald green matcha kissed with ginger meets cool ice cream for a verdant take on the traditional affogato. You may have noticed the new “workshop” menu tab to your left, or eve…

Peppermint Mocha Matcha Latte  | 1t. matcha, 1t. cocoa powder, 1/4t. peppermint extract (or just skip and use peppermint tea to start), sweetener, 1.5c milk (or less if using peppermint tea) | Heat milk/tea and mix in ingredients (if blended, it should leave a foamy top)

I am trying this tomorrow morning for sure! The Peppermint Mocha Matcha Latte is Here - The Organic Dietitian, vegan, dairy free, paleo, Matcha is super high in antioxidants

Coconut Matcha Horchata: Matchata

Served over ice, this coconut matcha horchata is the perfect refreshing blend of bitter matcha, cream coconut, and nutty horchata.

Fresh Mint Hot Cocoa with Matcha Marshmallows

Fresh Mint Hot Cocoa Chocolate with Matcha Marshmallows