Estados de ánimo

Duygular Identify and understand one’s own feelings. 12 emotions included with this pack including word flashcards

Casa de muñecas de cartón PDF Pattern, Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Dollhouse PDF Pattern Recycle Cardboard Boxes DIY Toy house Paper Craft

DIY / Repurposed :: Cardboard Dollhouse PDF Pattern, Recycle Cardboard Boxes ( Etsy :: decorating ideas fashion made gifts

Teatrillo con caja de cartón

How to Make a Wearable Puppet Stage « Cardboard Boxes « Crafts With « Kids Crafts & Activities Taal poppenspel

castillo de cartón

great for Montessori dioramas like infancy narratives. DIY Interlocking cardboard castle for all little knits and princess


10 Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes for Imaginative Play. Imaginative play is a vital part of children’s development. The humble cardboard box can make that possible. We have found 10 ways to repurpose cardboard boxes for imaginative play.

mommo design: RECYCLE AND PLAY - Cardboard boat

mommo design: RECYCLE AND PLAY - Cardboard boat/ love the idea of using two in the garden with plenty of water balloons

Manualidades para niños, coches de juguete

Manualidades para niños, ¡coches de juguete

pre-writing exercise

A small sandbox is a common Montessori activity. Uses pre-writing or teaching numbers/alphabet and shapes. (Fine or Large Muscle Movement Sensory Activities)

You can make this beautiful puffy "sea foam" with just a few simple ingredients…

Soapy Sea Foam Sensory Play

Soapy Sea Foam Sensory Play Recipe Super easy to make, water, dawn dish soap, T cornstarch, liquid watercolor (doesn't stain) whip in stand mixer and play!

Texture Balloons For Tactile Sensory Play

Texture Balloons for Kids Tactile Sensory Play

make these quick and simple texture balloons for sensory processing play! Texture balloons are a great way to introduce new textures to kids!

Juegos infantiles

5 juegos infantiles caseros ¡al aire libre