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black and white photograph of people sitting at a fountain in the middle of a town square
Syntagma Square and Ermou Street,Athens Greece... Back in the day...
black and white photograph of people riding bicycles in the rain
Tom Palumbo | Contact Sheets - Chasing Light
Waiting for the exact moment. Tom Palumbo would literally wiat for people to come in the direction of his lense. He knew that the wind was bad and how the water reflexed perfectly. All he needed was a victim for his lense.
two black and white photographs of people walking in the rain
Bring me a sunset in a cup
The work of Pablo Inirio, master darkroom printer of Magnum Photos 1 Thomas Hoepker | “Muhammad Ali” 2 Dennis Stock | “James Dean in Times Square” 3 Dennis Stock | “Audrey Hepburn”
an old photo of a man carrying luggage down the street with buildings in the background
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Fan Ho, 1964, The Omen
several people are standing under umbrellas in the rain, one is holding an umbrella
Josef Koudelka. 1974. Spain
a man sitting on the edge of a pier next to the ocean
Украина начала 90-х в объективе Йозефа Куделки
by Josef Koudelka.... urocze
black and white photograph of a person sitting in front of a window
Josef Koudelka
Joseph Koudelka - ROMANIA. Bucharest. 1994.