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. Blanquear Ropa. Odio la forma en que sus blancos se vuelven grises? Mezcle algunas cáscaras de huevo en una bolsa de gasa en la lavadora junto con sus blancos

11 Surprising Uses for Eggshells (Slideshow) - Feed Your Indoor Plants. Place some eggshells and tepid water in a lidded container in a cool, dark place. Let it sit for a few days before watering.

Dervish Lodges - Konya, Turkey

The mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (qs), a Sufi mystic also known as Mevlâna or Rumi. It was also the dervish lodge (tekke) of the Mevlevi order, better known as the whirling dervishes. Mevlâna died on 17 December Konya, Turkey