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So, I don't even watch Doctor Who, but this is a gorgeous fanart of the newest doctor.

Doctor Who - 13th Doctor

We Can Only Hope Congratulations to Jodie Whittaker on her role of the Thirteenth Doctor! I’m so happy we get to have a female Doctor after all this time. And such honor goes to this amazing woman.

The Thirteenth Doctor - Axel Medellin

The Thirteenth Doctor - I am BEYOND THRILLED that, after years, we're finally, finally getting a woman Doctor.

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By Seraphatum

Times Change And So Must I Enjoy this latest Artwork of mine! Cant wait for the Christmasspecial :)


Change, my dears , and not a moment too soon! She is the Doctor, whether you like it or not! prasing Fanart of Colin Baker defending Jodie Whittaker's role as the Doctor