With V for Vote, by Javiay Jaén

A cool idea for a marriage invite (if only I knew two people who had the same initial and were getting married! My parents both have names starting with V. Typestanding with Javier Jaén, artist and.

o registro no tempo e o design

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Type and graphic designer Moshik Nadav is a talented fourth year student from Jerusalem specializing in typography and typeface design. His recent project, titled Experimental Typography Project - Playful Ampersand, adds twists to the popular ligature.


Istanbul type design

Istanbul Deko is a Turkish graphic design project created by Geray Gencer. Geray created a typeface out of Istanbul’s historic structures and developed two typography posters incorporating his typeface and iconic buildings of the city.

Had the fortune to interview this type designer via email.....this typeface is fantastic. Reina

Typographica's favorite typefaces of What an amazing showcase. (This is the typeface Reina.

Q - A Constructed Roman Alphabet  David Lance Goines  fr www.codex99.com

David Lance Goines’ "A Constructed Roman Alphabet." Here is a detail from Goines 1979 poster showing the letter Q

Bear Tavern by Owen Davey

Bear Tavern