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Tattoo designs for girls with beauty and brains, tattoo ideas for girls that want beautiful and awesome tattoo at many different locations of body


2 Spirit Tattoo - San Francisco, CA, United States. The sleeve that started it all on Blake R. Tattoo & Photo by Resident Artist - Roxx

You are wanting to get a tattoo on the thigh and have no idea where to start? The thighs are a good option for large tattoos, a little wider and

Awesome full back skull tattoo

Skull tattoos are very versatile tattoo designs, and a popular skull tattoo design incorporates both skulls and roses. Tattoos that include both a skull and a rose often denote the contrast of life and death, or beauty and decay.

ladies, want some ink, but can't decide on what?  can't go wrong with audrey kawasaki designs...

audrey kawasaki tattoo by jayson 'womble' smith. i want to know the name of the painting.


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Not a fan of the contacts or black lipstick, but the rest is just awesome.