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Ricotta Crostini Party

Ricotta Crostini Party - Crostini are the ultimate party food and a ricotta crostini is the perfect blank canvas to show off both savory and sweet creations. The wonderful thing about ricotta crostini is that fresh ricotta can be made a day ahead.

chinese food

Pinner says:Chinese Recipe: Cashew Chicken Fakeout Takeout: Chinese restaurant style Cashew Chicken. I like to replace the sugar in the recipe with Thai chili sauce or add a squirt of Sriracha to the sauce, but it's a fantastic recipe.


Loaded Nachos

Loaded Nachos - Loaded with both refried and black beans, you definitely won't be missing the meat in these cheesy, vegetarian nachos! I don't really do vegetarian but replace the black beans with ground beef and they'll be yummy.

Arroz caldoso de Bogavante  receta



When it comes to Spanish Food, most people think of only Tapas, but there are many other recipes that make the Spanish cuisine. Here are some world famous foods from Spanish menu that you should taste at least once.


Tempura is a popular Japanese dish consisting of battered and fried seafood and vegetables.

Sushi, sashimi, maki, maki roll...

The amount of the got poisoned sushi has increased in Kiev to The Gosprodpotrebsluzhba will check public catering institutions

Receta arroz con bogavante

Receta arroz con bogavante

Yellow curry is an Indian influenced Thai recipe. This curry is enriched with exotic spices and fresh herbs.