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Mosaic Mixtec skull. Mexico, c. 1300-1521.

coolartefact: “ A Mixtec-Aztec human skull decorated with a polychromic mosaic, tessels of turquoise, hematite, and tumbaga gold sheets, c.

"A Maya city with a stepped pyramid"                                                                                                                                                                                 More

"A Maya city with a stepped pyramid"

Aztec God Poster los mayas tenian dioses para todo.

Aztec gods presented in their traditional art work (or at least an artistic interpretation based on the origin source). This shall serve as a basis to develop the boss of the game from, as well as looking into other similar cultures for inspiration.

El Quetzal, hermosa ave de gran valor para los aztecas y mayas con sus plumas esta formado en su mayoria el penacho de moctezuma y en sus tiempos sus plumajes eran usados como moneda por el gran valor con el que se le consideraba.

The Quetzal, beautiful bird of great value to the Aztecs and Mayans with their feathers mostly consists in the plume of Montezuma and his times their feathers were used as currency by the great value that will be considered.