Jordi Oriol
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David Schleinkofer

This was a stealth fighter/bomber I designed for an illustration to be used in a magazine article. The original art is not available for sale.

” An overarching feeling of solitude. I could walk this hallway for hours.

Don Lawrence, retro-futuristic, science fiction art.

Chris Foss

Chris Foss

Max Bertolini

New Beginning by Max Bertolini

70s Sci-Fi Art

As we begin to expand our consciousness through the spiritual practice of meditation we will eventually encounter "The Black Dot," which is also called "The Blue Pearl". This black dot will be seen.

Cover art by Michael Whelan for Arthur C. Clarke's '2010'.

i_ron: Michael Whelan

Astronauts by Derek Stenning

Astronaut by Derek Stenning

1948 ... Moon base strikes! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

Soviet Space Race Propaganda Soon the space race was in

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I love retro sci-fi images. I think they captured the spirit of sci-fi in a way…