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The Short-Term Effects of Exercise Poster

This bright and colourful Short-Term Effects of Exercise poster uses real-life images to make the subject topic easier to understand. Areas covered on the poster include:- Respiratory Systems Cardiovascular System Muscu

Is 10-Minute Workout Enough

Discover here how short workout are important for cognitive function and can be helpful for healthy lifestyle.

The Difference Exercise Makes While most of us are probably aware of the powerful benefits of regular #exercise, we're clearly not all convinced: Just about 20 percent of American adults over the age of 18 meet the government's recommended guidelines when it comes to physical activity. #fitness

Eating clean isn’t enough, incorporate some exercise into your lifestyle in order to achieve maximum health and fitness!


For the month of July we are focusing our Healthy Moments Monday messages on physical activity. Exercise provides many benefits for your health and today's infographic from PennState Hershey's ProWellness Center outlines many of those benefits.

NIA research has led to many important scientific discoveries about aging. Staying mobile. Detecting Sign's of Alzheimer's.  Enhancing Lifespan and Healthspan. Training for Cognitive Benefits. Physical Activity, Aging, and Diabetes.  Identifying Alzheimer's Genes. Supporting Caregivers. Lowering Cardiovascular Risks.

National Institute on Aging: Transforming Aging Through Research

Cardio exercises are good for heart health because the demands of exercise cause the heart to adapt by becoming bigger and stronger.

Regular exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy body and usually goes hand in hand with weight loss, dieting, and a variety of other body image issues. Both ellipticals and treadmills are popular types of