Tales of Home

Every home has a story to tell. Come on in and discover ours.
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Making Britain Home
Known for her love of experimentation and musical innovation, discover how DJ HAAi's home is an ode to her art. #ScentsOfHome
Making Britain Home
Come inside designer Eva Sonaike's London home where she explores the relationship between the world of art and the influence of heritage in making a house a home. #ScentsOfHome
Making Britain Home
Every house has a story to tell. Artist Raqib Shaw's enthusiasm for mythology and love for ethereal scenes creates an enchanted feel of a hidden home amidst a secret garden. #ScentsOfHome
three candles sitting next to each other on top of a white table with a spiral staircase in the background
The Gang’s All Here
Create scented stories tailored to any and every space. Fragrances that set the mood and inspire scented memories. Let our house inspire your home. #ScentsOfHome
a white vase filled with flowers and reeds next to a book on a window sill
Scent Your Space
Add a sense of enchantment to any space with our Myrrh & Tonka Scent Surround Diffuser. Thank you @lukearthurwells. #ScentsOfHome
a white table topped with an air freshener dispenser filled with sticks
Perfectly Placed
Home scenting with @lukearthurwells. #ScentOfHome
plants and utensils are arranged on the counter
How will you reuse yours?
Be inspired by @catesthill and make the most out of all your empties. #ANewPurpose #ScentsOfHome
white roses in a vase on a table next to books and a lamp with a bulb
Upcycling our Townhouse Collection
As @catesthill knows 'The Townhouse Collection ceramic vessels are too good to throw away. Instead upcycle them as vases for simple posies.' #ANewPurpose #ScentsOfHome
three glass vases filled with plants sitting on top of some books and two small pots
A New Purpose
Continue the scented journey long after the last burn à la @catesthill. #ANewPurpose #ScentsOfHome
An Enchanted Tale
Every home has a story to tell. Come on in and discover ours with six new candles inspired by the unique moments and rooms within a London townhouse. #ScentsOfHome
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a cup and fire place
Unwind With Scent
The fragrant sweetness of dewy bluebells, paired with timeless lily of the valley and fresh notes of persimmon. Our Scent Surround Diffuser looks elegant and stylish next to the fireplace, bringing a hint of luxury to a cosy backdrop. Image courtesy of @catesthill. #JoMaloneLondon #ScentsofHome
vases with flowers and candles sit on a table in front of a round mirror
Styling With Scent
Strike up candlelit conversations… #JoMaloneLondon
a white candle sitting on top of a stack of books next to a container with matches
Sitting Pretty
Calming spaces and candlelight courtesy of @catesthill. #ScentsOfHome