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The Crusader (harvested from: Haras) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the second stage of their Animi Training Program. He wielded a claymore as his specialty weapon. The Crusader had several unique moves:

Templar Knight on horseback. Medieval Knight, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Crusader Knight, Knight Armor, Knights Templar Symbols, Christian Warrior, Medieval Times, Chivalry

Además de este vestuario hay que añadir, una servilleta para la mesa y una toalla para el aseo. Un jergón, dos sábanas, una manta ligera y una manta gruesa para la ropa de cama. Esta manta tenia los colores del Temple, que eran o blanco o negro o a rayas blancas y negras.

 Achilles heel (n.) Origin—from Achilles, ancient Greek hero whose only vulnerable spot on his body was his heel Definition—a weak, vulnerable spot Ex.—Cookie Monster’s Achilles heel is cookies. Fantasy Male, Fantasy Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Armadura Ninja, Roman Warriors, Spartan Warrior, Greek Warrior, Trojan War, Armadura Medieval

El Origen de los Mirmidones

Fue Zeus. el poderoso dios, el que transformó a las hormigas que había en una isla en seres humanos creado a los poderosos "Mirmidones", pero ¿Por qué?

Discover Knight Templar Warrior T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. - Beautiful and quality Knight Templar. Medieval Knight, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Art, Crusader Knight, Knight Armor, Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar

Os cavaleiros Hospitalários também desempenharam papel importante na Batalha de Montgisard. Após o combate, os cristãos feridos ficaram aos seus cuidados, em Jerusalém.

An poster sized print, approx mm) (other products available) - French cavalry during the Napoleonic era. Date: circa 1805 - Image supplied by Mary Evans Prints Online - poster sized print mm) made in the UK Military Art, Military History, Edouard Detaille, Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, French Empire, French Army, Napoleonic Wars, Toy Soldiers

La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 642

Un lugar para publicar y analizar los cuadros de las grandes batallas de la humanidad, desde la antigua Grecia hasta la invencion del cine a sido el unico mo…

Roman heavy cavalry called clibanarius during the Century Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Parthian Empire, Roman Legion, Celtic Warriors, Roman Soldiers, Roman History, Historical Art, Dark Ages

A historical illustration I did few months ago now is OK to share. This is a Roman heavy cavalry called "clibanarius" during the 2nd Century. They fought with sword and a very long spear which is too long for Instagram. #historical #romanhistory #cavalry #rome #romanrepublic #horse #soldier #painting #digital #art

Knight in shining armor . I think I'd rather have a Knight in UNshiny armor cause that would mean he was a fighter & I'd want him to fight for me when/if the moment came. Medieval Knight, Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Knight In Shining Armor, Knight Armor, Lizzie Hearts, Armadura Medieval, Conceptual Photography, Sword Photography


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Recopilación de cuadros históricos del maestro Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau… Military Art, Military History, Conquistador, Napoleonic Wars, Warfare, Troops, 18th Century, Wwii, Spanish

Recopilación de cuadros históricos del maestro Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Recopilación de cuadros históricos del maestro Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau General