Joel Ibarra Rodriguez

Joel Ibarra Rodriguez

Joel Ibarra Rodriguez
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Fanart Frozenfeather

Fanart Frozenfeather 1 by fer-gon

The Thanatos Fakemon by *Neliorra on deviantART

Thanayami Thanatos Fakemon Type: Dragon, Ghost Dex Entry: In myths, it is said that THANAYAMI is the source of misfortune and therefore called the . The Thanatos Fakemon

Outregis Fakemon: Antlerice by on @deviantART

Antlerice ( ancient deer pokemon) Rock/Ice this pokemon is based on a prehistoric giant deer that lived during the ice age Outregis Fakemon: Antlerice

Fakemon Phatsetto by *Phatmon66 on deviantART

My entry for Legendary OC Contest. The challenge was to draw one of your original characters as a Legendary Pokemon.

Mega Lugia, Mega Ho-oh, and Mega Celebi

Well i wanted to put it on a fancy background but I left it plan, these are the mega evolutions i made for lugia, ho-oh and celebi. Mega Lugia Mega Ho-oh and Mega Celebi