Jose Manuel Morales Santiago

Jose Manuel Morales Santiago

Jose Manuel Morales Santiago
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25 Inspirational Typographic Designs | From up North

By Jen Sublasky. I really like the design in this flyer, though hard to read. As far as proximity is concerned, everything is right next to each other. There is no repetition to be seen. The contrast that makes it appear as a glass of beer.

So, So True!!!

Misery Loves Company If you are miserable and unhappy do it by yourself and leave us happy people alone. You're a burden in our otherwise peaceful existence. New goal: Eliminate miserable people from my happy life :) enough said!You have been warned.


If feel as you’ve always felt you’ll think as you’ve always thought. If you think as you’ve always thought you’ll do as you’ve always done. If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.