Francisco Martín

Francisco Martín

Francisco Martín
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PIXEL ART - Page 11 - Polycount Forum

I dug up some really old stuff. Spongebob/Streetfighter crossover: A dust effect for a skid-stop animation: A character for an unfinished shmup:

Vikings Tavern - Nice pixel art I found on Pixel Joint - Bryan

Pixel art mockup using discarded graphics from an old project. Well, in fact, this project is paused, but it will be cut down to a more simple arcade game. No towns, no chating.

Forest tileset...

I chose to pin this because it would be a good to take idea from this for a forest tileset

[Portfolio] Vierbit

PixelArtus is a sideproject by which is dedicated to the Power of Pixel Art. Additional PixelProspector sideprojects can be found here PixelArtus Overview Page (games with pixel art,.