Madrid de otra manera

Paseo de la Castellana, the wide avenue that crosses the city from south to north and in the center of the picture can be viewed the home stadium of Real Madrid football club.

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The Ephrata Cloister, in Ephrata, PA, is regarded as the birthplace of American fraktur.  They first began drawing fraktur as early as 1740.  Today the Cloister is considered a National Historic Landmark.  It is open for tours and visitors can view fraktur, among other works, throughout the site.  The fraktur below is from the Ephrata Cloister collection.

Credit: Ephrata Cloister Collection The first fraktur created in North America were drawn by artists at the Ephrata Cloister around Early fraktur were created with inks, paints, and paper produced at the cloister.

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An ornate, hand-drawn bookplate, with birds, tulips, and gothic text in German.

Pennsylvania watercolor and ink on paper fraktur drawing, of a bird perched on a tulip tree

Limpando o cereal cun cribo de volta. Fotografía tirada da publicación de Xosé Henrique Acuña e Xosé Luís Cabo As imaxes do traxe en Galicia, Ed.

Republic propaganda poster | Spanish civil war 1936/39 #Afiches #Carteles #Spain @deFharo

Afiches de propaganda anarquista de la guerra civil española 1936-1939

Republic propaganda poster | Spanish civil war 1936/39 #Afiches #Carteles #Spain @deFharo

Vintage Spain: The Metropolis Building in Madrid, just after construction concluded in