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Signature of Charlemagne Karl Martell, Louis The Pious, Merovingian, Early Middle Ages, Roman Emperor, Grave Memorials, Latest Generation, Kaiser, Illuminated Manuscript

Monogram of Charlemagne, from the subscription of a royal diploma: "Signum (monogr.: KAROLVS) Karoli gloriosissimi regis"

The Signum Regis of Ramiro I of Aragon Second Wife, Aquitaine, Duke, Medieval, Queens, Count, Death, Daughter, Husband

Ramiro I of Aragon | Wikiwand

Ramiro I was the first King of Aragon from 1035 until his death. Apparently born before 1007, he was the illegitimate son of Sancho III of Pamplona by his mistress Sancha of Aybar.[1] Ramiro was reputed to have been adopted by his father's wife Muniadona after he was the only one of his father's children to come to her aid when needed, although there is no surviving record of these events and the story is probably apocryphal.

Peter I of Aragon and Pamplona (reign: Spanish Royalty, Women Names, Pamplona, Aquitaine, 12th Century, Second Child, Renaissance, Medieval, Burgundy

Signum regis (firma real) de Alfonso II, también empleada por otros reyes precedentes de la Casa de Aragón, como Pedro I de Aragón y Alfonso I el Batallador.