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Una hoz y el martillo pintadas en una pared de ladrillos en algún lugar de España, la Guerra Civil española. 1936

A hammer and sickle are painted on a brick wall somewhere in Spain, Spanish Civil War. The caption below reads, 'Viva Rusia' ('Long Live Russia'). (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

Socialist Realism, Soviet Art, Drawings, Painting

Libertarian Youth of Madrid.

Anti Falangist propaganda in Spain clearly linked Christianity (represented by the bishop's mitre) with Nazism (represented by the swastica) and fascism (represented by the fasces-bomb, and with blood-shed and death.

Military Art, Military Uniforms, Socialist Realism, Red Army, Russia, Uniforms, War, Paintings, Artists

First win the war!

Two soldiers, rendered in green, with fixed bayonets stand behind a house of cards, decorated with antique tarot motifs.