Talavera de  Puebla.

I love blue and white. Tiles in Heidi, Chinese food, Holland, tea parties - all of these things link back to blue and white pottery / delft etc. for my dining room

Tribal face

Inspiring photos: 25 mind blowing and powerful portraits from around the world, Gurunsi Girl in southern Burkina Faso. Photo by Vicente Concha

Champurrado, "a rich, creamy drink made from Mexican chocolate, thickened with masa, and spiked with cinnamon."

Champurrado: Mexican Hot Chocolate From Nationwide Newspaper Food Sections 10.14.09

Vertical Panorama Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, México

Churches in México: amazing plaster entry to the Iglesia de Santo Domingo…

“Guerrero Maya”  Ciudad de México

“Guerrero Maya” Ciudad de México Portrait of a Mayan warrior with (street performers), Mexico City, Mexico.

"Alegrías", colorful and sweet mexican-waffers. A common treat found in the streets of Mexico City.

"las alegrías", dulce típico mexicano ~ "The Joys", traditional Mexican candy (Colorful waffers with syrup and roasted pumpkin seeds)


Gallery of first nation art; from the most ancient artifacts, to contemporary expressions of native aesthetic genius.

Iglesia Mexico

(San Miguel de Allende was chosen the best travel spot in the WORLD by Conde' Nast Travel Magazine.

Aguas de sabores

So addictive and refreshing! Dinners at home are amazingly delicious if you know how to make your own.