Jessica loves her some dresses!

Do you have an obsession when it comes to dresses? If so, check out this adorable site that sells dresses all day long.


Cutout Infinity

I LOVE this scarf. I love the cut of the shirt and the color. I love the belt. It's big but simple. I like the leather coloring and the wash of the jeans.


A simple and cute summer outfit. White tube top and blue/jean skirt with white shoes and a brown belt.

Purple and Turquoise summer not necessarily the outfit, but the color combo? Yes, love!


One Shoulder Melting Pot Dress, great website! the dress needs to be a tad longer but love the overal style

Grey tunic with black leggings and black boots.

Grey tunic with black leggings and black boots. cute fall or winter outfit.


I would describe my style as casual-dressy, and I love the ease of this low-cut tee in a slate grey, dressed up with a hat, bangles, and layered necklaces!

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