Los niños se divierten con cualquier cosa, intenta hacer una casa de cartón y así la guardas y no ocupa espacio.

Making a collapsible playhouse out of a simple cardboard box is easier than you think

Simply awesome: DIY Recycled Box Collapsible Play House with moving boxes. My Grandmother would always have a box for us to play with.

Polaroid Photo Booth Props : I'm not getting married but I do have a birthday party coming up

Polaroid Photo Booth Props : wedding diy photo booth polaroid props KO we can put your hashtag at the bottom

20 Science Projects for Preschoolers

20 Science Projects to Wow Preschoolers!

20 science projects for preschoolers- sink or float, milk painting, magnets and more! SO many great ideas for those little learners!

Móvil de conchas marinas

Manualidades infantiles ¡con conchas

I spotted this sea shell wind chime earlier today. It reminds me of what I used to do when I was a teenager. I used to collect a lot of sea shells from the shore and make all kinds of toys. And wind chimes were my favorite. I hang them &

Manualidad el mar: gel de ducha, purpurina, bolsa transparente y celo

Ocean Squishy Bag - ziplock filled with hair gel and ocean creatures. Would need to monitor closely for tears or puncture - if hair gel was leaking out, you don't want babies or toddlers eating that!

Manualidades infantiles: hacer sellos caseros para niños

6 sellos caseros para niños

Polka dot fun~ Cover a paper towel or toilet paper roll with bubble wrap, paint the bubbles and then press on. More bubble wrap fun!

Esta bonita manualidad niños. por yarden v

DIY summer craft: shell wind chimes kids can make from their own beach finds. My daughter should make this from shells she finds on vacation in MD!